Office Furniture And Workplace Trends

By: Thomas Teo

As time passed, our working style and environment changed. The office tables, office chairs, cubicles, and other office furniture changed to fit our working style too.  Wanted to know some idea of recent workplace trend? There are several trends listed for you as reference when planning your office interior.

All About Teamwork
In these days, office space are becoming flatter and lesser hierarchy, which encourage working together under the same space. In result, most company implement casual yet professional office furniture such as open plan partition, which allow you to expand and rearrange when needed.

Everyone Involved In Business
As a CEO, they no longer rely their works on secretary. Executives are handling more tasks by using tablets to check emails and perform other tasks. Sometimes, we will be checking emails, browsing internet, or answering call during break or even eating lunch. Choosing a comfortable seat with arm rests is one of the top considerations.

Develop Creative Workspace
In the past, many companies and organizations focused only on efficiency. Businesses today encourage creativity, which refers to office furniture are more colourful and artistic. Professionals and studies show that colours and artistic items can help on boosting up creativity.

Involved Different Devices
Unlike present, workers might only use a computer on their desk to work in the past. As the technology develops, workers are more reliable on using computer, tablet, and smartphone. To fit current trend, some office table designed with two tabletop grommets to keep the wires organized and stay under the table.

More Spontaneous At Work
In recent trend, a group meeting does not only need a set of office chairs for group meeting, but the space should able to keep everyone from different departments to work together on a project. Look for office chairs with multipurpose which can be stowed when not in use after the meeting.

Workers Are More Important
When a company is in small size, each individual is equally important. Business owner looks for different way to prevent employees from leaving the company. One way to achieve this is offering a comfortable working environment. Office chair and office table with ergonomic design had become priority consideration in order to create a comfortable working space.

Longer Working Time
Many company in Malaysia does not practice working from nine to five. It is crucial to get office chairs with ergonomics design to allow the individual sit for long period on the chair. They are design for usage of more than eight hours per day which come with different ergonomic configurations to fit everyone figure.

Moving From Corporate Office To Home Office
Unlike the past, many companies had move their business from corporate office to home office, which allow more flexibility on work. The demand on home office furniture is increasing, which the design is also must be able to fit in smaller space.

Tips On Buying Modern Furniture

By: Thomas Teo

In Malaysia, there are several types of furniture store which focus on different customer group. Some company such as office furniture manufacturers are aiming to sell modern furniture. In fact, adding modern style furniture to your home or commercial property does not necessary spending on big budget or empty your wallet, but you can get the right furniture within your budget.

In the market, modern furniture is available in different pieces, such as tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, and other. The benefit of getting modern furniture is their design is improved for better use of space with simple yet stylish designs. Modern office furniture can also be found at most furniture store which you can use to create a modern look office.  An office with modern office furniture is beneficial to your employees, as they feel energetic working in the company with updated design.

Not only commercial space furniture, you should also put in some effort for your home furnishing. In average, a person spend one third of their life on bed, so it is important to create an inviting and comfortable bedroom. Modern bedroom furniture with full of colours and texture can help on create warm and welcoming feel space. Most of the modern bedroom furniture in the market is made of wood or metal which offer clean and direct look. Platform beds is one of the common modern bedroom furniture, which come with simple and elegance design. You can now easily use modern furniture to pop out your favourite colour and create warm environment.

Other than bedroom, using modern furniture in your living room is also a popular trend recently. When you are shopping on modern furniture for your living room, you will discover several types of living room furniture available. Choosing living room furniture is an important step as it is part of the welcome message to your guests. Some of the examples of modern furniture are accent chairs, wicker coffee tables, end tables, and sofas. Choosing the right living room furniture can give the right ambience to the space.

Most of us have the common mindset that the furniture with cheaper price has lower quality, which is not the fact in some case. There are some furniture manufacturer provide modern furniture with affordable price. They believes that lower price help them sell more furniture and help increasing their profits.

To look for modern furniture that meets your budget, you can start from browsing online to have an idea on what kind of furniture match your demand before visiting any store. Some office furniture manufacturer even offers discounted rates without you leaving the house. This is definitely a great solution for busy people, which you can do it anytime preferred. Be sure to check the shipping and handling cost before place the order. By choosing the right furniture supplier, you will surely enjoying your modern furniture in your home and commercial space.

How To Reduce Noise In Open Office

By: Thomas Teo

Due to the limitation of space, it is hard to accommodate many workers in the same space. To fit them in the space, most of the business owner decides to apply open plan partition. An office furniture system with open plan partition can increase community and collaboration between employees, at the same time this will increase the noise level in the office. It is not necessary to separate the employees with wall and limit the interaction in the office. As the technology develops, there are sound proofing systems available in the market for you to install. By installing it, sound proofing system, you can filter or reduce the unwanted noise. Things like ceiling tiles, fabrics, and carpet has the ability to absorb sound in the office. If you are looking for the solution to reducing noise in the office in open plan office, you are in the right place as we are giving you some tips.

Avoid Using Hard Surface For Interior
If you aware, places like gymnasium and warehouse has bad noise controlling and echo happen at the space. The main reason is hard surface does not absorb sound. Most of the office spaces originally come with concrete floor, walls and ceilings. When planning renovation, consider soft and noise absorbing surface for floor, walls, and ceilings. Choose material such as linoleum tile, carpet, and acoustic ceiling tiles which can effectively absorb more sound in the space. If your office has a large space, avoid using glass and metal surface.

Place Something Green Around The Space
Some people might don’t know that plants are actually the natural sound absorbers. Green plants not only give green alternative to cubicles, it also reflects the sound waves in the office. This may result a more pleasant working environment with lesser background noise. There is studies from British business services group proved that some leaves can absorb the sound better. It can effectively used to reduce noise-reflection on hard surface.

Partition Large Spaces
If you are using partition in your open office, don’t forget to choose fabric cover for it. Office partition with fabric-covered can reduce sound path which can reduce the noise in the space. You can also consider installing sound absorbing panels in a large open office space to reduce the noise.

Insulation Improvements
If you have more budgets on renovation budget, why not improve the building insulation? Fiberglass or cellulose insulation is a good material to add into wall, roof, and building’s façade to prevent noise transmitting around the space.

If your company do not have budget to solve open office noise issue, you can take few actions as an individual. The printer may place poorly in the office or colleagues are being too noisy during work, which this caused distraction and interrupting your work. You can feedback to your manager or human resources department, which allow them to rearrange the resources in the office. They might not aware with the issues that affect productivity. If you are consistently interrupted by colleagues during work, you can give some signal to them. You may use a figurine or humorous sign on top of your table when you don’t want to be disturbed. Wearing headphones is also another way to stay away from noise or being disturbed by other. Using a large, over-the-ear headphones can help on indicate unwanted noise effectively than ear buds.

Cleaning Tips for Wooden Furniture

By: Thomas Teo

Furniture is easily dirty, especially if you have kids in the house. Each material of furniture has different ways to maintain and clean up. In this article, we will be sharing the cleaning tips for your wooden furniture which allow them have a brand new look.

Cleaning Wooden Furniture with Wax or Varnish Finishing
Some wooden furniture has finishing with wax or varnish. To clean them, use lemon oil, which is scented mineral every few months. Moisten a piece of soft T-shirt or old cloth with water, and add a little oil on it. Rub the furniture to pick up the dust on the surface. Polish the surface to minimize the residue.

Freshen up Old Paint
If you don’t want to repaint the old piece of furniture which you like the paint very much, you can rub some mineral oil on it. This can help to remove the dust left on the paint for years and brighten up the colour. You can also use mild dishwashing liquid to clean the painted wooden furniture.

Remove Wax from Hinges
If you found the wax build up from hinges, you can scrub them with a small steel wool soap pad. Avoid scrub the joint part when cleaning them. After cleaning, wipe the hinges with a damp cloth.

Avoid Letting Chairs from Scratching Floor
If the room is installed with waxed floor, wax or add cover at the bottom of the chairs’ feet to let them slide easily on the floor. This can also protects both chair and floor from getting scratch and damage.

Remove Candle Wax
To remove the candle wax off your wooden tabletop, you can gently scrape or peel up without hurting the wood. You can use hair dryer to soften the leftover wax. Remember to hold the hair dryer several inches away from the wax so it won’t heat up too much, otherwise it will stay on the wood. When the wax is soft, you can use a paper towel to remove it. There is another way you can remove candle wax from wooden furniture, which is using an iron. Remove it gently and use three or four layer paper towel to remove the remaining wax. Place a layer of paper before holding the hot iron, but avoid touching the iron to the paper as the heat could damage the finish on the wood. When the wax melted, use paper to absorb it.

Remove Tablecloth Stick to Table
When you placed a tablecloth for long time, it will stuck on the table top. To remove the tablecloth without damaging the wooden furniture, apply some mayonnaise at the back of tablecloth for an hour, then wipe it with a clean paper or towel.

Remove Crayon Marks
Sometime, your kids will accidentally left crayon mark on the wooden furniture. To remove crayon mark, apply some mayonnaise on the affected area and soak it for few minutes before clean it with damp cloth. Besides of mayonnaise, you can also use laundry starch to remove crayon marks. Mix the starch with some water and apply it on the wooden furniture with a paintbrush. Leave it dry and with it with a dry cloth.

Useful Ergonomics Tips for Office Workers

By: Thomas Teo

Ergonomics is an important key in the office working environment. A proper ergonomics working environment can help us to reach full potential at work. Working in proper posture can help us on improving health comfort, and productivity. To achieve the better level of health and work efficiency, there are variable series of office furniture Malaysia to help on improve ergonomic posture.

Place Monitor at Suitable Height
For people who spend the whole day in front the desk, you are facing the monitor screen most of the time as well. To avoid eyes pain or neck pain, it is recommended to place the monitor at the center directly in front of us. The distance between the monitor and you should be about an arm’s length away from where you sitting on the chairs. The monitor screen should be same level with our eyes. Be aware with the brightness setting too as this can strain your eyes and causes eye’s sickness.

Look For Comfortable Office Chair
Many office furniture professional mentioned that ergonomic sitting in an office chair with lumbar support will help on holding our back and encourage correct sitting posture. It is suggested to adjust the height of office chair to match your height to allow your feet rest comfortably on the floor. Lay your back on the chair to support your backbone and avoid back pain happen after hours of working.

Office Table Surface Item’s Placement
The object placement on the office table surface is important too. The wrong placement can lead to unnecessary strain on your body. Place the key items that you use often within an arm length, such as stationary, notebook, and phone. If you are using desktop, the keyboard should place at the center between our body and computer monitor. The mouse should be parallel either on the right or the left side of the keyboard.

Wrist Positioning
As we are typing too much the whole day, it is important to keep our wrists in proper and comfortable position. To minimize further stress to the body, one of the best ways would be typing in the right wrist position. When you are typing, place your wrist in a straight and natural position above the wrist rest. After working for long period, you can then rest your palm on the wrist rest.

Other Ergonomics Accessories
To enhance the comfort and ergonomic health, there are several accessories designed for office workers. One of the great inventions is Bluetooth headset. The wireless headset allows you to multitasking and able to type on keyboard jotting down important points while talking on the phone. Footrest is also another goof ergonomics accessory for office workers. If the chair is too high for us, footrest an ideal tool to rest our feet as you can’t rest it on the floor naturally.

Furniture Placement in Small Space Office

By: Thomas Teo

If you have a small space for your office, the main problem you are facing would be office furniture. Either the furniture is too big for your space, or they are too many pieces to fit in the space. In order to fix this problem, you may want to consider getting multifunctional office furniture to save up some place. In this article, we are share with you on how to fit beautiful furniture even if you have small space.

Plan The Space in Advance

It is important to visualize you office space on paper or in your mind. Include the room’s doorways, windows, and walkway available in the plan. Remember not to place large size office furniture in the middle of walkway. If there are windows available in the room, place tall furniture such as filing cabinets from windows to avoid blocking views.

Determine Your Office Furniture Size

If you are yet to get new office furniture, measure the space available in the space before hunting online or shopping around. Most of the online furniture store will list down the dimension and feature available as reference for you to plan. If you visit physical store, don’t forget to bring along measurement tape and approach the sales person. If you have existing furniture, consider move around and look for the best placement of your furniture.

Importance of Multifunctional Office Furniture

If your current office furniture does not fit your space well, consider multifunctional office furniture. Choose office table with bigger size to fit your laptop and printer. If you are working in home office, consider if you are still using the furniture after work. Multifunctional furniture can help you on saving up some space.

Considering Future Usage

Most of the business owner would prefer larger office space or office partitions to accommodate furniture needed. While choosing office furniture, do not forget to consider the future usage. The development of technology is directly influence the operation of company. The office furniture choosen should not cause any problem when upgrade needed in the future.

Invest In Suitable Office Furniture

Since you are using the office furniture for years, why not choosing suitable and comfortable one to make your working life enjoyable? Having small space does not mean you have to sacrifice the style and function of the furniture. Plan your space and spend some times to choose the furniture that exactly fit your needs. If you are upgrading your furniture, purge and sell it to reseller or second hand furniture supplier.

Tips of Buying Office Partition System

By: Thomas Teo

In office, office partition are use to divide the space accordingly. Office partitions help on increasing the use of office space and also provide different level of privacy. There are several types of office partition available in office furniture Malaysia market. They can also customize according to individual business need.

Solid Partitions
The solid partitions are commonly made of plasterboard with steel and aluminum frames as support. Some design come with wooden frames or panels. Solid partitions have high degree of privacy and fire protection. There is variety of finishing and colours available, also able to customize according each customer’s requirement. This partitions are usually install from floor to ceiling, doors and glass can be added too if needed.

Glass Partitions
If you are looking for an open and modern atmosphere with shielded working areas, glass partitions is the one you are looking for. It is suitable for small offices or creates a space for certain purpose. Glass partition allows you to decorate and customize according company’s branding or culture. This office partitions system are designed with only glass or combination with frame made of material such as wood, aluminum, and steel. Using double glazed glass partitions add value to the office by giving the advantage of soundproofing.                         online casino malaysia

Folding Partitions
Folding partitions are useful if you are looking for temporary division for the space. Each partition have individual panels that interlock, which you can combine together to form a wall or divider. When you need a bigger space, you may folded away and keep aside. Folding partitions are commonly used to divide large meeting rooms and space to provide flexible space when needed. The design of folding partitions is usually come with fabric coating of wood finishing.

Office screens
Office screens are compact which not take too much floor space, while providing privacy for workers. It is easy to assemble and position which allow you to install without any pre-planning. Office screens are available in different height, solid or clear, and decorated with graphic depending on business needs. They are mounted on wall, and also used to create pods with two or more interlocking office desk.

Cubicles in office have a higher privacy and sound adsorption. It is higher than office screens and mounted on the floor. Materials like fabric, plastic and glass are used to create cubicles and supported with aluminum or steel frame. According to different needs and environment of office, you may add on additional accessories such as lighting, file storage space and sliding panels.

Steel Partitions
For places like factories and warehouses, steel partitions are the top consideration. They present an industrial and modern feel to the workplace. These partitions provide better security which benefit for company which engaged in high risk or sensitive activities, especially when used with other security features.

Benefits of Office Partitions

There are several of benefits of office partitions.

  • As the shield of workplace
  • Breaking up large office space
  • Create space for specific purposes, such as meeting space, work stations, file storage areas
  • Maximizing office potential
  • Personalize or brand the office

Making Office Partitions Worthy
An effective and functional office partition should create a welcoming and attractive environment. It is important to choose the materials and designs that complement to the overall interior of the office. Office partition can highlight the unique and desirable features of the office by using glass, also to hide certain areas like file rooms by using non glass materials. Office partitions should applicable to business’ operational requirements to increase the productivity of workers and promote positive working environment by offering privacy.

Guidelines For Choosing Office Table

By: Thomas Teo

Office furniture, especially office table can make a big different, either busy productive day or messing up your day. If you planning to replace new office table for your office, you are in the right post. When choosing desk from office furniture Malaysia supplier, consider your working style, office space, and working environment. It is important to work under comfortable, ergonomic, and productive environment.

Identify Office Table Usage
If your daily task involved mostly computer work, it is recommended to choose office table design for computer use. If your office are using desktop, make sure there are space or compartment to hold CPU under the desk. For employees who focus on paperwork generating, choose an office table with high durability to accommodate spreadsheets, bulky books, and important papers. Office table with shelves above can help to save the space and keep the surface uncluttered. If the above are not your choice, consider L-shaped office table. It is suitable for task combination of computer work, paperwork, and meetings.

Ergonomics and Space
A comfortable working area should have sufficient space for employees to move around. The individual office table should have sufficient space under the table to move your legs. The standard height of office table is around 30 inches from the floor. There should be around 3 feet space between the desk and another piece of office furniture.

The placement of monitor, keyboard, and mouse should be in a comfortable height for the user. Placing the keyboard at a too high position may cause discomfort and muscle strain. Computer desk or office desks with keyboard tray is the best choice for desktop users. The tray should be enough to place the keyboard and mouse. The monitor should place at the eyes level and at least one hand distance.

Office Table Surface
There are 3 common types of office table surface available in the market, which is laminate, metal or steel, and wood or veneer. Laminate surface office table is affordable and durable than wood and veneer. There are variable of colours and grain patterns available. For daily use, choose the desk with thick and high pressure laminate. Although metal or steel office table does not have professional outlook, they are sell in reasonable price and suitable to use for long term heavy use or high traffic areas. Veneer often refers to a thin surface layer of wood applied to base. Wood or veneer table have more attractive look than other types of office table. However, they are more expensive and not suitable for rough and heavy use.

Quality and Durability
A good quality of wood drawer is connected with interlocking, which is stronger than using staples or glue. For steel or metal desk, make sure they are closed without any gaps. If you see any, the installation is not right. The best way to determine the quality of office table is the warranty. The warranties range is from one year to lifetime warranty. The better quality is the furniture, the longer warranty period given to the customers.

Choosing Perfect Furniture For Your Office

By: Thomas Teo

A good company environment should have comfortable and productive office furniture. Choosing the right office furniture will create the different outlook on your office interior and satisfaction to your office. Before deciding which office furniture is suitable, consider the office space size, budget to invest in new office furniture, and how long you will be using the particular furniture throughout a day. Below are the guidelines of choose office furniture Malaysia to help improve your office environment.

Room Available in Office
Most of us made a big mistake when choosing office furniture, which under or overestimate the space available we have. When the space is in empty condition, it looks huge and you may have the wrong perception that you can place whatever you want. It is important to get actual measurement of the space, include the windows and door way. After you get the actual measurement, you can then plan your furniture placement according to your demand.

Determine How Long You Will Be Using the Room
Before deciding which office furniture are suitable, estimate the time you will be using them or stay in the office. Determine the time can help you on decide whether to take a comfortable or stylish office chair. Some are often working outside meeting clients and only spend few hours doing paper works. If you are spending 7 to 10 hours a day in the office, you will need a comfortable chair to avoid any body pain happen.

Budget Determine Your Furniture Selection
A piece of office furniture may cost you from few hundred to more than 10 thousand. Surf on the internet or furniture magazine to do some survey on price and interior design idea. Keep in mind that you are spending the budget on furniture, office supplies, computer equipment, and other necessary equipment. If you have limited budget for your renovation project, consider buying self assembly furniture. You can also ask your friend whether they have any recommended office furniture Malaysia supplier.

Public Area or Private Area
Do you have a plan to create both public area and private area in office? If yes, then this is a important tips for you. When choosing furniture like office tables and bookshelves, consider whether it is for private use or public use. By then, you can choose the preferred size of the piece of furniture. For private area, the furniture can be smaller size, while public area may need bigger size to carry more items.

Choose your style
Everyone have their desire interior design idea. There are variable office furniture styles available in the market, but it is not easy to make decision. If you prefer traditional furniture, do not neglect comfort issue especially when choosing chairs. Antique furniture may look gorgeous, but it lack of flexibility of adjustment. Take a balance of comfort and design in every piece of office furniture to protect your body from pain and increase the productivity of employees.

To make sure your company has a productive environment, the tips above can help you on choosing comfortable and stylish furniture. Choosing office furniture that are not often used are bringing negative outcome to the office. Choose suitable office furniture can provide you a enjoyable working space.